Best Live Show Photographer
and Creative Designer in Las Vegas

Sébastien is regularly commissioned in the US and in France to work for shows, artists and celebrities.

Sébastien’s primary mission is to craft unparalleled experiences around the globe through photography, lighting, image, and graphic design. Additionally, he has over 20 years of event industry experience.

The Studio Vegas is constantly innovating!
Winner of several creative and themed entertainment awards.

We have an extensive portfolio of numerous live acts, live music, and promo for performers and shows in the Las Vegas valley and all around the globe.

As a photographer, I tell visual stories from what I see through my lens. I am influenced by movie techniques, and lighting is my best ally. Fortunately for me, the performers and the models make most of the work. I just capture the moments.

Sébastien Thève​


Founder | The Studio Vegas